A New Ending

The Pearl Heirloom Collection Book 1

Denver, Colorado, Present. Rachel Weber is just about ready to give up on romance. Frustrated with her job and life, she’s stunned when an unexpected encounter with an art student offers hope for a better future. But when she slips and hits her head, the modern-day woman suddenly finds herself in the warm embrace of a gorgeous Sixteenth-Century baron.

Gloucestershire, England, 1564. Alexander Dohetry craves true love. Betrothed to a woman he doesn’t like, he’s caught off-guard when he rescues a beautiful lady falling out of a tree. And when his heart is quickly enraptured, he must decide between his sworn obligation and the wife he’s always desired.

Developing feelings for the handsome nobleman, Rachel is torn when her only chance home is in league with the gentle aristocrat’s sinister fiancée. And as Alexander struggles to find a solution to his dilemma, he fears whichever destiny he chooses will end in despair.

Will the star-crossed couple pave a way to secure their ageless bond?

Beginning Anew

The Pearl Heirloom Collection Book 2

Thieves attacked the Maycott caravan, abducting Seanna’s older sister Bethany. Instead of waiting for help from her father or the Earl of the nearby estate, Seanna sets out to save her sister.

Compelled by dreams, James Bryant returns to England after three long years, ready to confront his father and ghosts of his past. But before he has a chance to make amends, he is besieged by bandits and rescued by a spitfire of a girl who wields a sword unlike anyone he has ever seen.

Unlikely companions, Seanna and James find themselves stumbling down a path of destinies intertwined…

An Enchanted Beginning

The Pearl Heirloom Collection Book 3

After being abducted and subsequently rescued, Bethany Maycott’s reputation is ruined. Her father only sees one option—send her to a convent in France. Her sister, not ready to concede, convinces their father to give Bethany one last chance: find a respectable suitor before the ship departs.

Jonathan Butler, the most sought-after bachelor in Bristol, has no intention of getting married, much to his mother’s dismay. But when he hears about Bethany’s plight, he pretends to court her, making other suitors jealous. Bethany finds a friend in Jonathan, and relief from society’s scorn—when suddenly she sees a stranger from her past….

A Perilous Beginning

The Pearl Heirloom Collection Book 4

Having failed to capture a rich earl’s heart through disreputable means, Viola Bryant finds herself on a ship bound for France, where her father will commit her to the Abbey of Saint Namadia, wishing for her a more sanctified life.

But Viola’s mother had sworn her to a more glorious destiny than the abbey can offer: to place the “true” Queen on the throne of England. With new enemies and possible allies, she plots a new future….


A sweet contemporary romance

To prove herself at her new job, Hollie White covers for the secretary to the Vice President of Silversmith Industries. But when her new boss suddenly leaves for Thanksgiving weekend, she’s forced to show a major client around Denver by herself, an undertaking which could make or break a multi-million dollar negotiation.

Hollie is surprised to find herself in the presence of Maxwell—this year’s most eligible bachelor. Can she convince him to invest his resources in Denver? Or will her intense attraction over a chaotic weekend push him away?